Friday, March 9, 2012

Demon, play demon out.

I finished my beast of a chapter today. Technically it's turned into one small chapter, one medium-long chapter, and one tiny-bite-sized chapter. I guess it's my beast-of-a-section now.

In any case, my characters made it out alive (or did they?) and so did I. (Mostly.)

This puts Demon at a little over 40,000 words. Though the last 5,000 aren't typed yet.

Woo for progress!

And, just for the giggles, here's a little throwback music.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Back Into It

I sent in my entry for the ACFW Genesis contest a few weeks ago. It's my first 15 pages plus a book summary, entered into the Speculative Fiction category. So, we'll see how that goes. I'll be pretty pleased if I make it beyond the first round of judging. (There are three rounds)

I've fallen out of my writing saddle since I worked through those edits. But I got back into it today with, so far, 800 words. I figure that if I do 1200 today and 1200 tomorrow, I'll be back on track for March. Hopefully my critique group ("The Thundercats"*) won't hate me forever for not writing as much as I should have.

I keep intending to write a post about the TV show Once Upon a Time, but it hasn't happen yet. I'll get bogged down with Demon in a few days. Maybe I can write it then. It's a good show.... Except for the time when they tried to pass off an 8th Dwarf. (As in Snow White and the 7 Dwarves) For the record, they named him 'Stealthy'. And then Stealthy took an arrow to the knee. Or something similar. In the end, Stealthy was not so stealthful.

In other news, Matt and I have booked our 2012 vacation. Surprise, surprise, we're going to Mexico again. Due to last year's trip, this is actually surprising. We're going to all inclusive resort this time. So hopefully there will be no cop-bribing, strep teases or armed men dressed all black.

And to bring this post full-circle, here's a song that mirror's the chapter I'm working in.

*Critique group is not actually named Thundercats. They refuse to settle on something so awesome.