Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing Update

I just finished typing Chapter 11. When I finished it longhand, I remember thinking that I should just quit now. I felt like I had just created a piece that was truly the best that I can do.

Rereading it, that emotion may have been a little melodramatic, but not too far off base. It's nice when I have moments while reading my work that I think, "Why haven't I read this before? Why isn't this in one of my favorite books?"

It's a pretty satisfied feeling. :-)

In other news, I've decided to enter ACFW's Genesis contest for 2012. I can't be certain that I will even be able to make it to Dallas this year for the conference, but if nothing else, I will be getting at least three critiques at a pretty low cost. And we all know how much I love improving my craft.

Oh, and the current word count for 'Demon'? 31,494.

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