Thursday, January 5, 2012

She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen

Tonight, I'm a girl who stays up late. I hope I can be a mom who gets up early.

Good news? I'm staying up to type. Bad news, it's sort of dissolving into a CAKE dance party. Not that there's anything wrong with a CAKE dance party. They're probably my favorite sort of dance party. But if I'm going to still be awake at 1am, it probably isn't the most productive thing for me to be doing.

Man, I love CAKE. Except for their new album. I wish I could pretend Showroom of Compassion didn't exist. But my imagination isn't that active. (And I daydream about dragons....)

New CAKE just doesn't have awesome lyrics anymore.

But old CAKE rocks. And by old, I mean 2004 and earlier. "She uses a machete to cut through red tape." What does that even mean? Did she literally cut a red Grand Opening ribbon with a machete? Does she elegantly over-do things in a charming matter? Does she use her feminine wiles to cut through procedures and protocols? It's interpretive. I feed off that stuff. She can be whoever you think she should be.

Man, I love CAKE.

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