Thursday, January 26, 2012


Writing has been rough recently, but I think I've got the ball rolling again. Last week I only wrote 32 words. No, not 3200. Just 32. It wasn't a good week.

I've started working on one of the hardest, most monstrous chapters of my book. I say it will be hard for several reasons. It requires new worldbuilding, explaining some magic, introducing two new characters, advancing the main plot and roughly eight subplots. Plus two warring armies of undead. (And really, who doesn't love armies of undead?) It's something I've imagined for years. I've literally thought about this specific chapter hundreds of times. Oh, and it's titled 'Shadow', which speaks to five separate themes in the chapter.

If you're thinking, "Charis, this sounds like an awful lot to put in one chapter." You would be right. It is. But complex layering, in-depth themes and masterfully weaved subplots are what make an epic fantasy so epic.

It's a big undertaking and a bit intimidating. I know that probably sounds odd, that I'm intimidated by something that I'm creating, but it's true. I know I don't need to get this draft perfect, but I have to try. Writing is for laying the groundwork, doing the heavy lifting. Someday I'll have a manuscript I can edit. That's when I'll be able to really perfect the tiny stitching of my sub-plots.

Oh, and happy belated year of the dragon! Doesn't this seem like the perfect year to finish a fantasy manuscript? I think so.

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