Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strep Tease

I'm on a blogging hiatus for the next few days. 'Demon' is coming along nicely. I had a long day of work on Friday.

Until I can catch you guys up properly, enjoy the piece I wrote this spring about our trip to Acapulco.

Saturday- Day 1

Landed in Acapulco. Got our rental car. Looked for hotel. No luck. Got stuck in traffic for two hours while the gas light was on E. Parked in Wal-Mart's loading dock. Went inside. Got pesos at the ATM. Discovered English isn't as common here as the internet made it sound. Car got trapped in loading dock. Gate finally opened. Got gas with new pesos. Drove back to car rental to ask for a map. Found the hotel. Credit card declined b/c we're in Mexico. Called CC company to sort it out, was charged a $100 for a minute and a half phone call. Haggled them into putting the hotel onto the debit card. Staff was not, and still isn't, pleased with us. Got to room. Walked a mile downhill to the hotel restaurant. Host told us Matt had to wear slacks, not shorts. Matt called a hotel jeep, rode up to the room, changed, and returned. We're both exhausted and grumpy at this point. Ate the most pretentious dinner of my life. Didn't know if prices were in dollars or pesos. Stressed about money. Tried to look happy when they took our picture. Went back to room in another hotel jeep. Found out a peso is 1/12 of a dollar. Found out the $100 phone call was only $8. Set a budget. No longer stressed about money. Enjoyed the view of the bay. Saw a cat. Saw a chupacabra. Cuddled in bed. Went to sleep.

Sunday- Day 2

Woke up. Breakfast came in our little breakfast box. Ate outside. Drank the included wine. Got a little woozy. Fed the stray cat. Named her Devi. Matt went swimming. The pool was cold. Got showered. Drove to town. Ran a red light we're not sure was red. Cops pulled us over. Cop started to give us a ticket, then he asked how much money was in our wallet. Matt- “A thousand pesos.” Cop- “Okay, thousand pesos make this go away. No ticket for thousand pesos.” Not sure if we bribed him or if he blackmailed/robbed us. Drove around town. Saw a lot of advertisements for strip clubs. Saw one strip club advertising “Strep Tease”. Saw a lot of local cops. Watched our speed and the lights carefully. Went to different Wal-Mart for the ATM. (Wal-Mart is our safety zone) Matt didn't have his debit card. Went back up to the hotel for it. Matt found it... in his wallet all along. Went back to Wal-Mart. Got pesos. Had lunch at VIPS, a Mexican Denny's. Back to Wal-Mart. Bought food and supplies for the hotel room. Went back to the hotel, unloaded car. Took a siesta. Ate dinner in room. Hung out in the room and alcove. Did some reading. Went to bed.

Monday- Day 3

Got up. No wine with breakfast. :( New cat came by, named her Fela. Devi showed up later and hung out all afternoon. Sunbathed on the chaise. Swam in the pool. Got room service for lunch. Meh. Overpriced. Siesta. Showered. Went to town. Got stuck in traffic. Traffic was from a bunch of SWAT looking, AK47 carrying, black mask wearing, federal cops, pulling over trucks. Extremely intimidating. Did not make eye contact. Parked the car at Wal-Mart. (See a theme developing here?) Walked around town. Bought Gabrielle a gift at Senor Frogs. We miss her. Walked around town. Got close to the beach, but it's surrounded by buildings and roped off. Walked back towards the car. Got hot. Stopped at a restaurant to eat. The staff gawked at me. Matt stared them down. (Though previously unmentioned, this is also a reoccurring theme of the trip) Pretty good seafood. Paid and left. Saw more SWAT looking federal cops pull over another truck. Still intimidated. Made it back to the car. Bought a few more things in Wal-Mart. Went back to the hotel. Ate some pistache and sat outside. Enjoyed the view. Came inside, went to bed.

Tuesday Day 4-

Woke up. Ate breakfast. Fed Devi and Fela. Got in the car to drive to hotel's private beach. Found said "beach" about an hour later. Most beautiful place here yet. Sunbathed. Swam in salt water. Matt got burned. Went back to room. Showered. Went to town. Ate dinner at Planet Hollwood, Matt had never been. Came back. Read some more Wise Man's Fear. Smiled a lot. Went to bed.

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