Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ACFW-- One Week Later

I'm more than a week out from ACFW 2011, and I think I can officially say I've beaten the post conference blues. I've dedicated myself to writing everyday and it's really helped. In 2010, I came away from my first conference with two very strong impressions. One, I had a lot of work ahead of me. Two, that I was 21, talented, and if I kept pushing myself, there was no way I couldn't succeed. The latter was actually a depressing realization. Writing an epic fantasy series had gone from being a lofty, almost unattainable goal and changed into something I couldn't imagine living without. Chasing after a dream has a lot of romance to it. That first conference was a dose of needed and heavy reality.

I think I'll be caught up with everything by the end of this week. All the e-mails, friending, business cards, thank-you's.... It's tough to balance being a full time wife and mom while starting a career that I could easily put 60 hours into a week.

One of my personal writing rules for a chapter is that it must advance the main plot and at least one sub-plot. They should also be similar enough so that if I title the chapter "Running" it refers to one character emotionally running from his past and another character physically running away from someone else. I'm really big on layers and planting plots a reader won't notice until they go to re-read books one, two and three for the fourth book. Right now I'm doing some work in Chapter 7, trying to decide if I should graze a character with a bullet. I am fully aware that these characters aren't real, but I spend so much time with them, they're sort of my friends.

It's very difficult to explain to the "normals" what that process looks like. "Sometimes I think about shooting my imaginary friends," I could say. And the Normal will respond "..What?" "Not kill them! Just a little injury. Enough to make them limp, but no lasting damage." "....I think you need meds."

I shudder to reflect on the times when I wanted to be normal. Oh, and I found another heart song this morning!

Guster-- "Rocketship"

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