Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tonight Pandora suggested some Florence and the Machine. Pandora knows me so well.

I've been feeling like waving the white flag. My writing has dropped off and its got me feeling down. I have plenty to do. Most of the book is written in longhand. I have a hand full of chapters typed that need edited. I still have several (Five? Six?) chapters that need to be created. Creation takes time. When a new subplot reveals itself to me, it's a vague jumble of essential information. I have to let it simmer on the back burner of my brain for a while while the details fall into place.

Few people understand how taxing that can be.

I've hit a molehill that feels like a mountain. I've gone as far into typing as I can go before I need to create again. I'm adding in a new character, which means there are several existing chapters that need moderate to severe re-writes. I could skip ahead and let this new character simmer, but I only have a few chapters of longhand material before I hit another sub-plot that I haven't written yet. Plus if I type chapter 10 without writing chapter 7 and editing 8 and 9, I'm wasting my time.

Writing a novel is not an action with forward motion; You spin in circles until you're so dizzy you could hurl, and you hope you end up better than where you started. You also hope you don't ruin your shoes with vomit.

I can't force something that doesn't exist yet, but I really want to be working. The goal of typing everything was to have manuscript that I could sit down and edit from start to finish. Right now everything is riddled with holes and I don't know how to start patching.

It doesn't help that ACFW is in 10 days. I really wanted to be able to say "Yes, I have a finished, 94,000 word manuscript." But then my uncontrollable creative side kicked in and threw a giant wrench into that. These new subplots will add a lot of depth, and at least two of them will come full circle by book 4. I really love it when things come full circle.

For now, things are at a standstill; I need some direction.

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