Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Brief Musical Interlude

Tonight I began the process of sorting through all my ACFW papers and business cards. I recieved a few submission invitations but I'm not ready yet. Hopefully thank-you cards will be going out next week. I promise I will finish my ACFW Overview blogs soon. The creativity is pouring out of me tonight, so I'll be working on the book. (The perfect ending to book 1 just fell into my head)

I'm doing all I can to keep those post-conference writers blues away. After QCCWC this spring, I stopped writing for two or three months. I won't let that happen again.

I enjoy music while I write. I especially enjoy Bond.

Bond-- Explosive

I would love to create a playlist to go along with Demon. I also find Ben Folds and The Xx to be creative favorites.

Ben Folds-- Gracie

The Xx-- Islands

Ludo is one of my favorite bands ever. If you love the weirder things in life, you'll probably love Ludo. (A warning, the following song is very serial-killer-esque.)

Ludo-- The Horror of Our Love

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