Thursday, September 22, 2011

ACFW Day 1 Overview

I had a great first day. Things got lonely in the beginning. I headed over to the conference hotel three hours early, figuring I would register and go back to my room and write for a while. I got outside, and it was drizzling.

And those pants turn sheer when wet. Luckily, the rain was nearly nothing. After I registered, I looked out the window and the drizzle had turned into a downpour. So I was stuck there and didn't know anyone. Thankfully I had my Kindle in that giant bag.

My day turned brighter after that. I started meeting people, mostly women who were dying to know where I had gotten my shoes and/or earrings. I honestly got at least thirty compliments on my shoes today. I hope ACFW has an award for best heels. I would totally win that.

I also had a publisher comment on them. He then stated that running in them would be impossible. I said I could hit a brisk jog, which he then invited me to demonstrate. And I did. That's right. Not even a full day into the conference and I'm making some very unforgettable first impressions by running across a room in 5 inch stilettos.

I also attended a class called "A Kiss is NOT Just a Kiss." I didn't realize that this was a class for Christian romance writers. The advice was helpful to an extent. The principles can apply with some tweaking, sort of how a vaccination is a watered-down virus. A fiction novel just isn't going to have the same stylized passion scenes as a romance novel. Though, at some point I had to restrain my laughter. Apparently a wife's neglige strap slipping off her shoulder is considered very risque and using words like throb simply will not fly.

Tomorrow I have my critique at 3pm. I'm very excited to get feedback and learn how I can improve.

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