Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Synopsis for my first novel, "Demon"

Daemar, the sole survivor of an attack on his village, has waited five years for someone to find him. He’s waited for someone like himself, someone who has horns and possesses powers even magic can’t explain. Daemar is a Demon, and he’s desperate.

When he’s rescued by a convict on the run, Titus, Daemar is faced with a terrible choice. He can stay hidden, ignore his debt, shame his race, and let Titus die. Or he can honor Titus’ terms and lead him to safety, but be passed over by any Demons looking for survivors.

The next morning, still undecided, Daemar runs into Titus’ pursuer. After an exchange, Daemar makes his choice. He’ll help Titus’ escape and return home as soon as he can.

Daemar and Titus run. They quickly meet a woman named Vi, whose beauty equals her mysterious past. Together they steal, bribe, deceive, and discover terrible truths. Daemar vows to avenge the deaths of his people, but is he capable of murder? Will he rise to be the man within, or will the darkest parts of his soul prevail and unleash the feared Demon?