Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook is a Vicious Circle--A Seven Sentence Example

On Facebook, Mary did her laundry, Johnny is ‘Getting Ready 4 A Seriously Sick Night!’ and David posted a link about the new season of Survivor.

This reminds me that I’m too busy to watch the premier live, so I grab the remote and DVR all new episodes.

At my convenience, I watch the first few episodes, laugh at Russell and wonder if Phillip Shepherd is really so self-unaware.

I Google him on my smart phone, but while surfing CBS’ page, I accidentally touch an ad for

JustFab loads and this website’s shoes are so fabulous I join and buy a pair of heels on the spot.

The shoes are amazing, and JustFab offers rewards points that turn into store credit when members they make a purchase or refer a friend.
So I post the link on Facebook.

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